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working on something with a beautiful lady….

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some personal WIPs


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from ages ago… gif based on Track 6 (time)
for this song

from ages ago… gif based on Track 6 (time)

for this song

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Assembling impressions ages ago. 

I cut my finger and it bled up my arm when I biked to zinefest.

See it finished Here

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Had a little look at Spain and Portugal on my way to London. 

I ended up with lots of photos of rocks and things made of rocks (castles).

Just had a little chat with my friend about making a little publication with our photos and drawings from our trip which will be a really nice thing to do. I have really missed not working on a project while traveling and finding my feet in London. 

In order, the places pictured are: Sagres x 3, Evora, Sintra x 1 and Barcelona.

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I made a poster-book to exhibit at the end of the 100 Day Project.

The exhibition was after I left NZ so I gave it to some kind friends to install.

You can see more of the posters here

I live in London now. It is expensive and cold :)

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Anonymous asked: Hello Gabi, we met you today at the contemporary art museum. We took the pictures of you in the floating book area :) we tried to email you but we don't think it worked could we please have your email address for further conversations?? Yours truly gang of Aussies in the museum :)


I would love to!

my email is

if it does not work again you can message me your email on here :)

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